Thursday, April 29, 2010

itSMF Macedonia - Free Discussion Event (FDE)

The new cycle of FDE organized by itSMF Macedonia started this month. The purpose of these FDEs, that are regularly organized third year in a row, is exchange of experiences in the area of It Service Management through free and open discussions.

The FDE was held on 27th April 2010, in the MIT University. The topic of this event was “Service desks in Macedonian organizations” and realistic practical cases were presented by Nextsense (Daniela Gavrilovska), NBRM (Natasa Kostic), Neokom (Milan Temelkovski, Bijlana Petrovska).

For more information on the itSMF Free Discussion Events, new FDEs, presentations from the FDEs and other details visit the itSMF Macedonia’s website.

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