Sunday, November 14, 2010

21st Annual IIMA Conference – “Creating new opportunities- The role of information in sustainable innovation”

The 21th Annual IIMA Conference took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands from 17 – 20 October 2010.

The International Information Management Association (IIMA) annual conferences promote the dynamic exchange of ideas among leading researchers, educators, developers and practitioners who share their research and disseminate innovations in education, business and government. The 21st Annual Conference of the IIMA was devoted to presenting and examining information technology issues that create new innovative and sustainable opportunities in our current economical climate. Master and PhD-students were invited to apply for the Student Consortium of the 21st IIMA. With the application students were required to submit a paper describing their research approach and results, and to participate on workshop on performing design research. Workshop discussions were centered on research triggers, research questions, design artifacts and validation.

The conference was remarkable, the keynote speakers were outstanding, the researchers and presenters very innovative and practical, the topics were current and tangible, the workshop was concrete and practical, excellent information sharing and knowledge transfer through the student panel.

Me and my colleagues from the e-Business Management Master studies conducted a research and prepared a research paper on topic “Increasing Trust towards Government e-Services” which was presented on the conference as part of the Student consortium. We also took active participation in the student assignments during the conference and discussions of the Student Consortium panel.

Utrecht is incredibly delightful and charming city. The organized tour through Utrecht – Trajectum lumen was unforgettable, very creative and arty. I highly recommend visiting Utrecht, preferably in spring or summer :), also very close are Amsterdam, Den Hag that are worth visiting.

Photos from the conference, Tweeter account of the conference, the program of the conference, the certificate.

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